Business And Personal Financial Statement Preparation

Whether you are applying for a bank loan or need to better manage your company’s cash flow, Blomberg LLC is here for your compiled financial statement needs. We understand how important it is to capture all of your financial statement data so that it is presented as professionally as possible.

Business Tax Return Preparation

Tax season can bring all different types of challenges for businesses. At Blomberg LLC, we use our expert tax compliance resources to have your taxes done accurately and swiftly without any unnecessary headaches. We pride ourselves on maintaining a smooth process that will give you the comfort you need to know your taxes are done the right way.

Personal Tax Return Preparation

The tax code is changing every year and here at Blomberg LLC we have you covered. From new tax credits to carryback rule changes to form updates, we leave no stone unturned. Plus, our steady approach will allow you to avoid any unwanted last minute rush.

Business Planning

A CPA knows how to make a business run more efficiently and effectively. Blomberg LLC employs a global approach that functions to ensure that every factor affecting your business is considered in order to improve your bottom line.

IRS, State And Local Conflict And Notice Resolution

Tired of notices from the government? Blomberg LLC has the expertise to make them go away.

Tax Research

If you are having trouble determining the tax effects of a given situation, contact Blomberg LLC and we will be happy to do all the due diligence necessary to research your issue and come up with workable solutions and answers.